Monday, September 7, 2009


Do you ever stop and reflect on what took place around your childhood dinner table? For me it was a place where I shared my day’s activities and homework assignments, a place where I was scolded and praised, where I’d heard adult gossip, and where occasionally I’d fall asleep in efforts to avoid eating my vegetables.

Seven days a week we ate dinner at the table, and during holidays we managed to host aunts, uncles, and cousins, all at the same time. The kitchen was indeed the heart of our home. Aside from the routine conversation, there was something more profound that took place at the dinner table. For my family, vigor birthed during this time. It was a place that spoke hope in the midst of doubt, comfort outweighed confusion, and love healed pain. It was the critical component of my HOME EXPERIENCE.

The Olive Garden commercial reflects the significance of the kitchen table, because when you dine at their restaurant, their table, you’re part of their family. Through this blog I’d like to invite you into my home, share with you my understanding, ideas, and inspiration to make your Home Experience a marvelous memory.


  1. how fun! looking forward to it.

  2. LOVE the topic...can't wait to hear what develops! :)

  3. Jennifer, your family/childhood sounds a lot like mine. We had mandatory family dinners throughout high school - the only way that we could miss dinner was through a sport or school function. I think that family dinners were really important growing up and I now see the value of them. Whenever I go back to Chicago I try not to miss out on them :)

  4. It is always wise to follow your intuitions. Back when things where being done, was more for the purpose of bringing nutrients to the table. Little did I realize that it would be nourshing in more than one way. Reading your post just impacted the idea that dinner at the table is still of great importance. Just when I thought the fire was dieing, I will continue to thrive on that by continuously preparing dinner. Love Ya! and GOD BLESS YOU!!